All About Me

I’m an entrepreneur, a product manager, a husband, an author, a dog owner, a fitness coach, a personal improvement coach, student and a whole lot more. I’ve tried many things; failed at some and succeeded at others. Through all of these things I’ve kept searching for better ways.

  • How can I do this faster?
  • How can I use less resources?
  • How can I get better results?
  • How can I make my customers happier?
  • How can I make my employees better at their jobs?

In other words, optimization!  It’s the science of making things better and I love it!  Who doesn’t want to make things better, right?  Who doesn’t want to get the same results but with half the effort?  It’s crazy to think otherwise and yet most people don’t ever bother trying to make things better.  They’re stuck doing the same thing over and over, never pausing to consider what little (or big) changes they could make.

Well, after spending years helping people improve their businesses, I realized that the same principles apply to life.  There are so many little (and big) factors to what makes a happy life.  From jobs and family to commute and health.  And yet, most people don’t even bother trying to think about these things, much less improve them.  We go through life repeating the same mistakes, trying the same things, never wondering if there’s a better way, a faster way or an easier way.   Never trying to do half the work and come out equally happy.

So that’s why I started this site.  Because I want to help people make their lives better.  I want to get you thinking about what you want out of life and how to get it.  I want you making better decision through the science of optimization!  Sounds dull?  Maybe so, but it works.  Sometimes my friends, it’s the little (and dull) things that matter.

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